NextWidgets Presents New Products At The Next Web

First Preview of In-Text, Shop Tab and iPhone Shopping Widgets

NextWidgets, a European transactional banner platform and creator of the first affiliate shop system on Facebook, is today extending its leading position in transactional banner and distributed e-commerce technology with the demonstration of three new products at TNW PayPal X Startup Rally: In-Text, Shop Tab & iPhone shopping widgets. The new products are designed to fill the requirements of brands, merchants and publishers in extending the reach and scope of their online sales campaigns.

In-Text Widgets

The text on websites has so far been an overlooked resource in terms of generating revenue for web publishers. Although in-text advertising and affiliate systems have started to emerge over the last few years, NextWidgets is the first platform to develop transactional In-Text widgets, allowing the visitor to complete a purchase directly inside the widget without leaving the page. NextWidgets In-Text widgets use contextual product matching to automatically identify key words within any website text and connect relevant products to those keywords that appear when hovered over by the user.


Shop Tab Widgets

For advertising driven publisher websites, one of the most cost effective methods for deploying e-commerce is by placing a shopping tab directly into the topbar structure of the site, giving the user a complete page on the publishers site devoted to shopping. Large publishers, such as the Guardian, are already using such affiliate based shop tab systems. NextWidgets Shop Tab widgets reduce to zero the number of additional steps, redirects and sites a user must go through in order to purchase an item they are interested in, because the complete transaction is done inside the Shop Tab widget on the publishers page.



Due to the enormous success of mCommerce initiatives by eBay and Amazon on the iPhone, almost all online merchants are now interested in the possibilities of having their own iPhone shop applications. Publishers also, are interested in the ability to integrate shopping functionality into their content based iPhone apps. NextWidgets for iPhone has been designed with this in mind, to allow any platform partner to launch their own branded shop app for the iPhone and on other mobile platforms such as Android.

""Online shops miniaturized to the size of a banner ad"" Alex Savic, CEO NextWidgets
About NextWidgets

NextWidgets is a transactional banner platform that allows merchants to distribute their stores across websites, facebook pages and mobile devices. Publishers can easily emebed e-commerce functionality onto their websites and facebook fan pages and offer customers contextually relevant products.