NextWidgets Introduces Side-Tab Shopping Widgets

Completely new shopping concept introduced at Next10 conference

NextWidgets is today extending its lead in contextual shopping widget technology with the release of Side-Tab widgets. This new form of shopping widget allows any web publisher to install a non-intrusive tab on the side of their page, within the additional space , that does not intrude on on either the user's site experience nor on the publishers designated advetising space. When clicked on, the Side-Tab Widget scrolls out of the side of the page to display a fully functional e-commerce store
The advent of distributed e-commerce has brought many changes into the e-commerce landscape. This concept fundamentally alters the idea that users must go to a specific e-commerce website to shop into one in which users can shop directly on their favourite content websites. The extension of this idea is a world in which content publishers become altogether the conduits for online shopping, with e-commerce websites becoming rather irrelevant in this scenario.

NextWidgets is today moving the industry one step closer to this vision with the launch of its Side-Tab widget technology which altogether removes any friction for publishers to install contextual e-commerce technology on their websites. The Side-Tab Widgets are installed with a simple embed code and automatically scan the context of every page they are on and, when clicked on, scroll out to display relevant products. The Side-Tab Widgets do not infringe on advertising space, one of the major concerns of publishers with standard transactional banner technology. They are also non-intrusive on the user experience of the site, resting on the side of the page until the user is ready to activate the store. As with all transactional banner technology, the shopping is done directly inside the widget including the checkout process, without the user having to leave the page they are on.

"Over the last years we have observed the success of feedback tab widgets from companies like Get Satisfaction and UserVoice. Feedback tabs have quickly become mainstream and are now considered a standard feature of websites. We hope to achieve the same ubiquity for shopping tab widgets on publishers websites with the release of this new product" commented Alex Savic, CEO of NextWidgets.

The Side-Tab Widgets are being announced today at the Next10 in Berlin, the leading German internet technology conference.
"This new product brings us one step closer to being able to offer shopping widget technology for any type and size online publisher" Alex Savic, CEO NextWidgets
About NextWidgets

NextWidgets is a transactional banner platform that allows merchants to distribute their stores across websites, facebook pages and mobile devices. Publishers can easily emebed e-commerce functionality onto their websites and facebook fan pages and offer customers contextually relevant products.